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Wednesday 21 March 2018, San Nicola di Flüe

Duparc Contemporary Suites, Turin

Corso Massimo D'Azeglio 21, - 10126 Turin (TO) - Italy
User's rates: 9.2 / 10
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Set in the central part of Turin, DUPARC Contemporary Suites offer elegant interiors. With stylish furnishings and carpeted floors, DUPARC apartments are spacious and come with a TV, fridge and oven. You will find contemporary artworks of Italian artists like Pistoletto or Schifano. Free WiFi is available in all areas. Sweet and savoury breakfast buffet is served at the restaurant including homemade cakes, cheese and cold meats. For lunch and dinner, the restaurant serves local and national dishes. DUPARC Suites is set next to Parco Del Valentino, 100 metres away. You will find public transport accessible. Porta Nuova Train Station is just 2 km away.

General: Parking, Pets Allowed, Facilities for Disabled Guests, Family Rooms, Elevator, Heating, Air conditioning.

Activities: Fitness Centre, Spa & Wellness Centre, Massage, Jacuzzi.

Services: Room Service, Laundry service, Dry Cleaning, Ironing Service, Internet Services, Wi-Fi/Wireless LAN, Free WiFi Internet.

Ristoration: Restaurant, Bar, Breakfast in the Room.

Check-in from 14:00
Check-out within 11:00
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