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UNA Hotel Mediterraneo, Milan

Via L. Muratori 14, - 20135 Milan (MI) - Italy
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Located just 50 metres from Porta Roma Metro, UNA Hotel Mediterraneo is a 10-minute walk from Bocconi University. It offers friendly, attentive service, a generous buffet breakfast and free WiFi. Rooms at the UNA Mediterraneo are decorated in a modern style. Each is air conditioned, and comes with a minibar and a TV with satellite and pay-per-view channels. The UNA Restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine and the bar provides snacks and drinks all day. The lively Navigli area, with bars and restaurants, is a 15-minute walk from Hotel UNA Mediterraneo. Milan Cathedral is 3 metro stops away on the Yellow Line.

General: Parking, Pets Allowed, Reception service/bell captain, Newspapers, Non-Smoking Rooms, Facilities for Disabled Guests, Elevator, Safety Deposit Box, Soundproofed Rooms, Heating, Luggage Storage, All Public and Private spaces non-smoking, Air conditioning, Concierge Service.

Services: Room Service, Meeting/Banquet Facilities, Laundry service, Ironing Service, Internet Services, Fax, Wi-Fi/Wireless LAN, Free WiFi Internet.

Ristoration: Bar, Breakfast in the Room, Restaurant à la carte, Snack Bar, Special Diet Menus (on request).

Check-in from 14:00
Check-out within 12:00
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